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Alfred Lawrence Hall-Quest (May 13, 1879 – March 1971)[1][2] was a professor of education who taught at the University of Virginia, University of Cincinnati, and University of Pittsburgh. While at Virginia, he reconstituted and directed the Virginia Glee Club from 1914 to 1917.


Hall-Quest was born in 1879 in New York City. In 1900 he graduated from Augustana College with an A.B., and after attending the Universities of Kansas and Illinois received A.M. and B.D degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary. While at Princeton, he was in charge of the Princeton Glee Club, according to U.Va. historian Philip Alexander Bruce.[3] He was ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1903. Between ordination and 1914 he was associate pastor at one church and pastor at three, professor in philosophy and education in Westminster College, Fulton, MO, and "assistant in education" at the University of Illinois. He is listed as teaching the summer session at Illinois in 1914, then teaching the summer session at Virginia in 1915. Hall-Quest resigned from the University of Virginia on September 15, 1917.[4] 

He then taught at the University of Cincinnati as professor of secondary education and director of the "School of Affiliation."[5] He remained there until the early 1920s when he moved to the University of Pittsburgh. In October 1924, he was dismissed from the University as a result of his granting his wife a divorce.[6] He moved on to Milwaukee University, but resigned from that position in 1927 after disagreements with the board of trustees. He continued in the field of education as a lecturer.[7]

He is remembered as a pioneer in educational theory for his writings on supervised study.[8]

At the University of Virginia[]

At Virginia, Hall-Quest, who began as a summer session instructor in 1914, was involved in the Young Men's Christian Association (later Madison Hall). On November 28, 1914, Madison Hall Notes reported that Hall-Quest had organized and was coaching "a Glee and Mandolin Club at the University."[9] Hall-Quest continued with the Glee Club through at least the spring of 1916.[10]

Beginning in the fall of 1915, Hall-Quest organized the University of Virginia Chapel Choir, featuring many members of the Glee Club, including John A. Morrow.[11]



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