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Andrew Rowan Summers (December 15, 1912 in Abingdon, Virginia – March 14, 1968)[1][2][3] was a member of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1931-1932 and 1932-1933 seasons. Graduating with a degree in law in 1935, he was also a member of the Virginia Players.[4] He lived in 45 West Lawn[5] in 1934–1935.

Summers was a collector and performer of Appalachian folk ballads, with numerous recordings on the Columbia and Folkways labels.[2][3] Summers was among the earliest musicians to draw attention to the dulcimer to a wider audience outside the Appalachians, with John Jacob Niles being one of the few earlier.[6]

Discography[edit | edit source]

  • Old World Ballads in America (1940, Columbia Records)
  • The Unquiet Grave: American Tragic Ballads (1951, Folkways Records)
  • Hymns and Carols: Early American (1951, Folkways)
  • "Seeds Of Love" (single, 1951, Folkways)
  • The Faulse Ladye (1954, Folkways)
  • "The Lady Gay" (single, 1954, Folkways)
  • Andrew Rowan Summers (1957, Folkways)
  • Christmas Carols (1966, Folkways)

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