Archibald R. Randolph (right) with US diplomatic team for Finland, April 1948, courtesy Life Magazine

Archibald Robinson Randolph (May 11, 1897 – July 13, 1972)[1] was a member of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1915-1916 and 1917-1918 seasons. A first year during the season, he was also a member of Pi Kappa Alpha.[2] He was subsequently an assistant business manager of the University of Virginia Magazine.[3]

Randolph served as an aviator in World War I.[4] After the war he worked for the US Department of State in varying capacities, including acting commercial attaché to Guatemala,[5] third secretary (vice-consul) to Colombia,[6] post-World War II activities in Finland,[7] and the Officer in Charge of River Plate Affairs for Argentina.[8]

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