Benjamin ira franklin

Benjamin Franklin, 1954 Corks and Curls

Benjamin Ira Franklin (July 14, 1931 in New York – December 9, 2018)[1] was a member of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1952-1953 and 1953-1954 seasons. Graduating in 1954 with a bachelors of engineering[1], he was also a member of WUVA.[2]

He began his career as a nuclear engineer, attending US Navy Officer Candidate School at Newport, RI and serving as the Director of Degaussing at the Schools of Mine Warfare at Yorktown, Virginia and Charleston, SC. Moving to Louisville, Kentucky, he continued to work on nuclear cooling systems, including the Reactor Emergency Cooling Systems for Three Mile Island. He was a Kentucky Colonel and served as the Mayor of the City of Druid Hills for over 30 years.[1]


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