Virginia Glee Club Wiki

The Carr's Hill Glee Club was one of several known precursors to the Virginia Glee Club. Cited in Barringer, Garnett, and Page's 1906 University of Virginia: its history as dating to 1861 as a serenading group,[1] the existence of singing voices on Carr's Hill is also cited in an 1878 Virginia University Magazine editorial.[2]

The Virginia University Magazine editorial mentions singing groups on Carr's Hill, Monroe Hill, and the East Range, all student housing locations:

It must be a matter of surprise, as well as of regret to all, that there are no Glee Clubs here, nor, indeed, any musical organizations, excepting the E. Range Quartette, which deserves all the praise that can bestowed on it for its enterprise in this matter. ...Why do not the gifted voices of Munroe [sic] and Carr's Hills and, indeed, of all other parts of College, form among themselves organizations which will supply the musical deficiency at the University?[2]

The evidence suggests that immediately before and in the decade after the Civil War a number of Glee Club like groups existed within student housing areas, including the Cabell House, whose Cabell House Men became the modern Virginia Glee Club.