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The roots of the modern Virginia Glee Club took hold in the 1870s, with a University-wide Glee Club stirring in 1870 and formally organizing in 1871. The group proceeded in fits and starts in the early years, organizing under the name Claribel Club in 1874, and passing out of existence entirely by the 1876-1877[1] and 1877-1878 seasons.[2] From 1877 to 1879 the University's sole organized vocal entertainments were apparently minstrel-shows. Yet by 1879-1880 the Glee Club was back in earnest, when it featured its most famous alum, Woodrow Wilson, at first tenor.


  1. "Collegiana". Virginia University Magazine: 293. February 1877.  "If these promoters of insanity and fosterers of profanity could be disposed of and replaced by a well organized Glee Club, although we will not be so bold as to eay that it will be 'a thing of beauty,' yet we feel confident that it will be 'a joy forever.'"
  2. "Collegiana". Virginia University Magazine: 376-377. March 1878.  "...We would re-echo his plan for a Glee Club. We have heard very distinct rumors that, in the near past, there was such an association at the University. If there has once been such a thing, why can we not have it again?"

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