Charles Leonard DeMott [1] (March 1, 1866 in Chatham, Virginia[2] – 1947)[3] was business manager of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1891-1892 season. He does not appear to have been a performing member of the group, as the one concert program from this period does not list him among the personnel of the group. In addition to his Glee Club manager duties, he was also an editor-in-chief of the Virginia University Magazine and a member of the Washington Literary Society.[1]

He graduated from the University in 1892 (and attended again in 1898-1899) with expertise in civil engineering. Later in life he was a founding officer of the Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club.[4] Of his post-University life, the story is told:

Haynie Kabler, the earliest NBATC member active today, tells of a hike led by club President DeMott which passed a mountain church on the way to Rocky Mountain. Although most of the hikers were unaware of this, DeMott had agreed to teach an adult Sunday lesson at the church, and the pastor was waiting at the door to greet them. DeMott and the other men in the group entered the church and took part in the class, but most of the women hikers, wearing their knickers, jodhpurs or father's old trousers, were reluctant to be compared with the church women in their Sunday best and remained outside. Mrs. DeMott, it is said, never favored the women's liberation and always hiked in a skirt.[4]

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