The 55th Annual Christmas Concerts of the Virginia Glee Club were held December 8-9, 1995 in Old Cabell Hall as part of the Glee Club 1995-1996 season. John Liepold was the director; musical guests included the Virginia Gentlemen.

A recording of this concert is available at the University of Virginia Library. The recording dates from the December 9 performance.

Program[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

1995 Christmas Concert program
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Sponsors[edit | edit source]

Businesses who sponsored the concert with program ads included the Cavalier Inn, Eljos, Mane Cut, Sir Speedy, the T-Shirt Factory, Heartwood Books, Littlejohn's Deli, Derek's U Spirit, Miller's, Take It Away, Macado's, and Mincer's.

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