The 1934 Virginia Glee Club concert at St. Catherine's (held April 23, 1934) was directed by Harry Rogers Pratt as part of the Glee Club 1933-1934 season and featured a mix of spirituals, classic men's chorus music, and accordion solos.

Program[edit | edit source]

  1. Netherlands Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Three "Spirituals":
  3. Bouree in A Minor (Bach) (Fritz Nolting, pianist)
  4. Four Waltzes (Brahms) (Nolting)
  5. Songs My Mother Taught Me (Dvorak)
  6. Hospodi Pomilui (Russian)
  7. Three Finnish Folk Songs
    • Poor Little Girl
    • Summer Evenings (solo by A. G. Hope)
    • I'm Coming Home
  8. Six American Songs (Glee Club double quartet)
    • Down in the old Cherry Orchard
    • Bungalow
    • I Had a Dream, Dear
    • Bull Dog
    • Chinese Honeymoon
    • Going Over the Hills to Virginia
  9. Accordion Solos (Wally Sulzer)
    • Blue Tango (Sulzer)
    • Love is the Sweetest Thing
    • St. Louis Blues
  10. Green Grow the Rushes (English)
  11. Old Ark's a Movin' (Negro)
  12. Viking Song (Coleridge-Taylor)

Concert at St. Catherine's Gymnasium, April 23, 1934
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Note about the concert in the Richmond Times-Dispatch 
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