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Murdock Donald MacInnis (April 4, 1923 – April 20, 2003)[1][2][3] was an American composer and associate professor of music at the University of Virginia. He directed the Virginia Glee Club, sometimes with the assistance of David Davis, from 1952 to 1957, and again during the 1962-1963 season.

MacInnis attended Princeton University, completing his music degree as an undergraduate in 1948 and a masters in 1950. His studies were interrupted by World War II, during which he served with the 13th Armored Division of the United States Army, seeing combat in Germany. While at Princeton, he was musically active, directing the band, managing the Princeton Glee Club, and organizing the Tigertones.[1] He studied composition and theory with Milton Babbitt, Edward Cone, Joseph Kerman, Bohuslav Martinu, Roger Sessions and Randall Thompson, and conducting with Leonard Bernstein at Tanglewood.[4]

MacInnis was elected as an instructor in the faculty of music of the University of Virginia in 1950,[5] and rose to assistant professor in 1952[6] and associate professor in 1959[7]. He was granted a leave of absence in 1968 to serve as composer in residence with Robert Shaw and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.[8] As an instructor, he conducted the University of Virginia Band; later, he was tapped as acting department head in 1955.[9]

As a composer, MacInnis employed early electronic music techniques, including computer-synthesized music[10] and tape loops (winning an award from Bowdoin College for his "Variations for Cello and Two-Channel Tape" in 1973).[11] He retired from the University in 1994.[12]

Glee Club seasons[]

MacInnis conducted the following seasons of the Glee Club:



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