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The 2014 Tour of the Virginia Glee Club was the major event of the Glee Club 2013-2014 season. The tour, on which the Glee Club was conducted by Frank Albinder, featured music by Rachmaninoff, Biebl, and Vaughan Williams, as well as University of Virginia songs. 

Events on the tour, which began March 7 and concluded March 14, included a collaboration with the Glee Clubs from the University of Illinois and University of Miami of Ohio at the Intercollegiate Men's Chorus National Seminar in New Brunswick, New Jersey and stops in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Oxford, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Roanoke, Virginia.

Frank chronicled the events of the tour on his tour blog.

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University of Virginia Glee Club Performance

Performance in Louisville, Kentucky

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