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The 1955 Fall Concert of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Donald MacInnis as part of the Glee Club 1955-1956 season. Held at the University of North Carolina on November 18, 1955, the concert was a collaboration with the University of North Carolina Glee Club, Joel Carter conducting. The third year in a row that the fall concert featured UNC, this was billed as the "Annual Joint Concert" between the two schools.

UVA lost the home game against UNC the following day, 14 to 26.[1]


Combined Glee Clubs[]

University of Virginia Glee Club[]

  • The God who gave us life from The Testament of Freedom (Randall Thompson)
  • Chorale: Gott, wie gross ist deine Güte (Bach)
  • Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel (Negro spiritual, arr. A. Russell)
  • Careless Love (American folk song, arr. K. McLeod)
  • Two songs from Oklahoma! (Richard Rodgers)
    • Pore Jud is daid
    • Kansas City

University of North Carolina Glee Club[]

  • Selected Specialty Numbers
  • The Finlandia Hymn (Jean Sibelius)
  • Amo, Amas, I love a lass (Old English Glee, arr. Marshall Bartholomew)
  • Sweet and Low (J. Barnby, arr. Hedgren)
  • Keep in the Middle of the Road (W.Hays, arr. Groff)
  • Prayer from Lohengrin (Richard Wagner, arr. Mead) — David Small, bass soloist

The Combined Glee Clubs[]

  • Coronation Scene from Boris Godounov (Modest Moussorgsky)