From time to time, fictional members of the Virginia Glee Club have appeared in published Glee Club rosters. This practice began in the early 1990s and has continued intermittently since. The fictional members appeared generally as an in-joke for the Club members and were generally placed in the roster in such a way as to balance the membership across the vocal sections.

One fictional member was Mahna Mahna, who first appeared in the Fall Kickoff Concert (1993). Vihem Aeschlbie, while completely and utterly non-fictional, shared some characteristics of the fictional members such as the ability to move to whichever vocal section needed the help.

Another fictional member was Schlonic Columns, who was named after an architectural joke coined by David Fouché on the Tour of the South (1992).

Others included Ren Hoek, Honor Johnson, Faux Wafna, Adam Gumpelzhaimer, and Tadow McBass.

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