"Fill Up Your Silver Goblet," sometimes titled "Fill Up Your Old Silver Goblet," is a student song from the University of Virginia. Today surviving only in joint performance with "From Rugby Road to Vinegar Hill" and "Glory to Virginia," the song, which is based on the 1909 song "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet" by Percy Wenrich and Stanley Murphy, is a drinking song that may have been performed independently. It post-dates the UVA songbook Songs of the University of Virginia and as yet has not been found in other songbooks.

Lyrics Edit

Only a portion of the song is performed today. The surviving lyrics are:

Fill up your silver goblet with Virginia written on it
And we'll all have another glass of beer,
For we all came to college, but we didn't come for knowledge
So we'll raise hell while we're here!

Other variations Edit

The song is one of a number of collegiate adaptations of "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet" as drinking songs. Other variations include "Red Sweaters (Easter Bonnet)," whose verse is very nearly identical to the Virginia version: "Put on your old red sweater/'Cause there isn't better/And we'll open up another keg of beer/'Cause it aint for knowledge/That we come to college/But to raise hell while we're here." This variant is attested at the University of Montreal[1] and the University of British Columbia.[2] Brown University also has "Put Out Your Old Brown Handshake," attested in a 1911 Brown alumni magazine, which omits the drinking song lyrics.[3]

Recordings Edit

"Fill Up Your Silver Goblet" appears, in medley with "Rugby Road" and "Glory to Virginia," on the following Virginia Glee Club recordings:

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