The Virginia Glee Club's Founder's Day Concert in 1943, during the Glee Club 1942-1943 season, was the premiere of its commission from Randall Thompson, The Testament of Freedom. In addition, the program, conducted by Thompson with support from Stephen Tuttle, featured other Jefferson-related works including Jefferson campaign songs, and included the participation of the University Concert Band.

The second half of the concert, on April 13, 1943, was broadcast live from Cabell Hall over CBS Radio, and recordings were made by the Office of War Information for re-broadcast to the armed forces overseas.[1]

A recording of this concert is available at the University of Virginia Library.

Program[edit | edit source]

  1. The National Anthem (audience, Band, and Glee Club)
  2. Psalm 148, "Ye boundless realms of joy" (Purcell, arr. Tuttle) (Glee Club)
  3. Jefferson's March perform'd at the grand procession in Philadelphia, 4th of March 1801 (arr. Thompson) (Band)
  4. Huntsmen's Chorus from Der Freischuetz (Carl Maria von Weber) (Glee Club)
  5. "Water Parted from the Sea" from Artaxerxes (Thomas Augustine Arne) (Glee Club)
  6. Vaudeville from The Padlock, A Comic Opera (Charles Dibdin, arr. Tuttle) (Glee Club)
  7. Thomas Jefferson's March, compos'd by J. Womrath. Perform'd with universal applause at the Civic Festival in Norfolk on the 20th of February, 1801 (arr. Tuttle) (Band)
  8. The People's March (John I. Hawkins, arr. Tuttle) (Band)
  9. "The Charms of Lovely Peggy" (David Garrick/trad., arr. Thompson and Harmony Class) (Glee Club)
  10. Duet: "Tacite ombre", from Songs and Duets compos'd by Mrs. Cosway (Maria Cosway, trans. Thompson) (Glee Club)
  11. "A Tickler for Timothy! A New Song.--Tune, Bow, Wow, Wow, &c.) by Jack 'nine thread' Ratline" (Thomas Jefferson's scrapbook, arr. Tuttle) (Glee Club)
  12. Jefferson's March (Alexander Reinagle, arr. Oliver Shaw) (Band)
  13. Jefferson's March and Quickstep (J. Hewitt, arr. Tuttle) (Band)
  14. The People's Friend, written and composed for the celebration of the 4th of March, 1801, words by A Citizen (Rembrandt Peale), Music by John I. Hawkins) (Glee Club)
  15. "Hail Liberty the Sweetest Bliss" (Willig, arr. Thompson) (Glee Club)
  16. Psalm 15. "Lord, who's the happy man" (Purcell, arr. Tuttle) (Glee Club)
  17. The Testament of Freedom (Thompson) (Glee Club)
Founder's Day Program, 1943
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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Program, Founder's Day Concert, 1943.
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