George Latham Fletcher (1874-1929;[1] from Warrenton, Virginia)[2] was conductor of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1897-1898 season. He was also a member during the Glee Club 1895-1896 season. While a law student at the University of Virginia, he was a member of the V.V.V. Dramatic Club, the College Choir, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi, Eli Banana, and the Z Society.[3][4]

Graduating in 1898, he practiced law, served as judge (in the 28th Judicial Circuit of Virginia, in Warrenton) as well as two terms as state senator,[5] and is mentioned in the correspondence of the Board of Visitors in 1916 and 1918.[6] He remained active in the Alumni Association, serving as the secretary and treasurer of the Fauquier County chapter around 1908.[7] Possibly the most memorable case over which he presided as judge was the divorce of future Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson from her first husband, in 1927.[8]


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