George Platt Waller, Jr. (born September 7, 1889 in Montgomery, Alabama;[1] died February 26, 1962)[2] was secretary of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1910-1911 season. While an undergraduate he was on the board of the University of Virginia Magazine,[3] and chairman and vice-president of the Southern College Press Association. He also played the role of "Toola Lung" in the Arcadians musical Turvyland. He lived in 43 West Lawn[4] in 1908–1909, in 29 West Range in 1910–1911, and in 53 West Range in 1911–1912.

He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1912, and took a position as principal of the Chilhowie Grammar and High School while preparing for his consular exam. Having passed his exam, he became vice and deputy consul in the American Consular Service at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. By October 1914 he had become vice consul at Carlsbad, Germany.[5] He saw various diplomatic service during the course of World War I and beyond, and is remembered by Compton Mackenzie as singing UVa college songs in the Panhellenion Café in Athens in 1915.[2]

He held various consular posts, including at Dresden Germany,[6] before becoming the American consul in Luxembourg in 1931, where he served until 1948. During World War II he covertly helped lead resistance to the Nazi occupation. He received numerous honors stemming from his service, including the Order of the Grecian Thorn (with crown) and the Royal Order of the Luxembourg Aspen (with crown). He was reassigned from Luxembourg to Florence in 1948, and retired from the foreign service in 1950.[2]

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