The 1876-1877 season was a fallow year for the Virginia Glee Club. There were rumors early in the year about the planned formation of a minstrel troupe:

It is rumored around college that some of the students are forming themselves into a negro minstrel troup, proposing to exhibit first in this place and then to wend their way to Staunton, there to "sweetly sing" for the benefit of the young ladies, orphans, and lunatics who most do frequent that interesting metropolis.[1]

However, the troupe did not appear to be organized for year-round performance. An editorial in the Virginia University Magazine complained in February 1877:

We feel a mighty longing to hear some music within these classic precincts. We thought the minstrels would have excited a musical enthusiasm that would last; but we were doomed to have our pleasing hopes blasted. The college is at present so totally devoid of music that it might be called a howling wilderness. It is true that we have a plenty of singing, of its kind; but it is of a kind that causes the reflective man to wonder what great sin his forefathers were guilty of that he should be so afflicted. The instrument most in fashion is that greatest of all abominations, the Dyke Horn—which all will admit to be an instrument of marvelous compass, but we do not think that even its most zealous admirers will maintain that it has the power of expressing the softer and more delicate shades of music. Now if these promoters of insanity and fosterers of profanity could be disposed of and replaced by a well organized Glee Club, although we will not be so bold as to say that it will be "a thing of beauty," yet we feel confident that it will be "a joy forever."[2]

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