The 1878-1879 season of the Virginia Glee Club was another fallow season. As in the preceding two years, a minstrel show mounted by University of Virginia students for the benefit of the Rives Boat Club appears to have been the only organized vocal activity on Grounds:

To our great joy we hear it authoritatively announced that the students will before long give another minstrel-show. We hope that our fellow-students will be more patriotic this year, and attend it in large numbers. The session before the last it was largely attended, and gave full satisfaction, but last session there were comparatively few students present. Now this is a University affair, for the benefit of the Rives Boat-Club, and every student who can possibly do so should go. Besides the shame of thus going back on our own institutions the love of amusement, also impels us all to go. For our minstrel-shows are by far the best entertainments ever offered to the Charlottesville public. Both the singing and the acting far surpass anything else we ever see here.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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