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Little is known about the 1880-1881 season of the Virginia Glee Club save that the group organized in October of 1880, still seeking a first tenor.[1]

During the season a glee club also formed at Dawson's Row, as referenced by the printing of a satirical song composed by one of the members who complained about the quality of the food:[2]

A member of the Dawson's Row "Glee Club" has gained quite a reputation as a composer. One of the editors, having occasion to visit his room a few days since, could not resist the temptation to appropriate the following samples to the benefit of the Magazine:

No 1
Composed January 15

O who can guess
How poor a mess
We have on Dawson's Row?
The meat cooked wrong,
The butter strong,
Why do they feed us so?

We have an Ed.
Who's not well fed,
We'll make him write a line
On hungry souls
And want of rolls,
In H———y's pet design.
When dinner rings,
The messite flings
His books away in haste;
For well he knows
If late he goes
He will not get a taste.


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