The 1884-1885 season was a fallow year for the Virginia Glee Club, though not for singing at the University. That year, a choir was organized for the University of Virginia Chapel by a Mr. Fairbairn or Fairlamb, who was president of the New York Chapel Choir Association[1]:

Mr. Fairlamb, the choir-master, is actively employed in training his band of singers. The class meets regularly every evening at 5 P.M. and works hard for an hour; and besides, additional class meetings are often held in the mornings. The course commenced December 1st and is to continue for five weeks altogether; but as Mr Fairlamb is needed in New York at Christmas time, part of his instruction will have to be postponed till after the holidays. The organization of a choir which shall fitly represent the University seems now to be an assured success; and those who conceived the plan of securing Mr Fairlamb s invaluable assistance deserve our hearty thanks.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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