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Glee Club in the first edition of Corks and Curls

The 1887-1888 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by J.R.A. Hobson, who also served as president; E.M. Stires was the secretary and treasurer.[1] The group participated in a joint concert with other musicians as part of a concert series in the University of Virginia Chapel in April 1888.[2]

As always, the Virginia University Magazine did not pass up a chance to twit the fledgling group, writing in February 1888:

The University Glee Club has been organized, and this time in real earnestness, as is well attested by the unearthly sounds that may be heard issuing from the room above the post-office almost any evening. It is said that they are practicing for a concert. We thought so, indeed we could have sworn to it. The ladies who go to the post-office say the music is charming, but that somehow there seems to be a little sameness. This is doubtless due to the inferiority of the organs used (not the vocal organs) and will be remedied when the clubs makes its debut, equipped with the best instruments that the country can afford. There are numerous speculations as to what will be done with the proceeds of this concert. Some think that the club will give the Ladies' Chapel Aid Society enough to complete the chapel, and that all the rest, excepting probably a small amount which will be given to purchase four or five boats for the boat club, will be used to construct a Glee Club building. The building will be located at the foot of the Lawn.[3]
During the year, there was also in existence the West Range Sextette, a small vocal group along the model of the Claribel Club. Members included C.T. Parrish and Charles Willcox, first tenors; A. Latady, second tenor; P.O. Adams, first bass; and R.C. Stribling and F.B. Dallam, second bass.


First tenors: J.R.A. Hobson, C.W. Kent, R.F. Williams, J.R.C. Wrenshall

Second tenors: W. P. Brickell, A. Latady, J.B. Page, J.U. Larrabee

First basses: W.B. Coles, W.N. Berkeley, F.B. Dallam, E.M. Stires

Second basses: M.A. Burthe, R.C. Stribling, J.W. Houston, T.J. Kirkpatrick


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