The 1890-1891 season of the Virginia Glee Club appears to have been a fallow season. The March 1891 edition of the Virginia University Magazine reported that the Club had failed to organize after a moderately successful Glee Club 1889-1890 season:

We have awaked to the fact that the University has no dramatic club and no glee-club! This seems strange and is as strange as it seems. We venture the assertion that there is not a college or university in this country, with an attendance of over four hundred students, that has not a glee-club; and we would be safe, we think, in making almost as sweeping a statement in regard to the dramatic club. Outsiders will at once conclude that there is no material for such organizations here; that if there was material such clubs would spring up of themselves without the cooperation of the university at large. However, these suppositions indulged in by outsiders are incorrect. Last year the university was, through the energy of a few men, represented by a glee and banjo club that reflected credit on itself and the university. A committee was appointed by that organization with powers to reorganize the club this year, and admit new members; but although one of the members of this committee very indignantly joined battle with a writer in

Topics who, in the early part of the session, stated that the club was dead and ought to be revived; although the committee-man proved to his own satisfaction that the club was "not dead, but sleeping;" the fact remains that it has not yet been roused from its comatose state! Madame Rumor informs us indeed, that this committee-man has withdrawn, and we suppose that the remainder of the committee must still be sleeping. This committee system should be remodeled for it seems to be a destroyer rather than a builder, under its present code. A glee-club we can and ought to have; and if the committee sleeps much longer let some active man take hold of the work and give us a glee-club...

We have been led into speaking on these subjects, in the one case by the unfavorable criticism of the glee-club committee in all quarters of the University; in the other, by a few remarks we have gathered here and there in regard to the need of a dramatic club. Perhaps the strongest argument in favor of the dramatic club that could be brought forward, the argument that would more generally than any other arouse the interest of the students, would be the argument that the receipts of the dramatic club would frequently help our athletic "ox out of the ditch," as has been the case in other colleges.[1]

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