Glee Club in the 1903 Corks and Curls

The Glee Club 1902-1903 season saw the revival of the Virginia Glee Club after several fallow seasons. Still associated with the Mandolin and Guitar Club, the group grew from the quartet of 1900 to a twenty-voice Glee Club. The group was directed by Burnley Lankford, and officers included Albert L. Roper, president and Nathan Bachman, manager.[1]

The membership of this season is notable for the presence of John Beverly Pollard, Eugene Callaway, and Thomas P. Bryan, who were three of the twelve founding members of the Raven Society.[2]

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Tenor I: John Janney Lloyd, John Beverly Pollard, Edward H. Miller, William Cline Moomaw, Paul E. Rauschenbach

Tenor II: Sigourney F. Nininger, Samuel McG. Benet, Karl Osterhaus, Julian Osborne, Burnley Lankford

Bass I: Hugh McIlhany, Garland Wiley, Thomas P. Bryan, Hugh N. Page, Eugene Calloway

Bass II: Albert Lonsdale Roper, Ephraim R. Mulford, Franklin C. Harris, Philip Worman, James Davis

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