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Glee and Musical Clubs, 1905 Corks and Curls p. 161

The 1904-1905 season of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by Robert Blakely Crawford, a student. The Glee and Mandolin Clubs performed jointly during this period. Officers of both clubs included Thomas P. Bryan, president, William Nelson Page, acting president, John Hume, secretary, William McCulley James, manager, Howard Hume, assistant manager, and I.M. Walker, 2nd assistant manager.[1]

In November 1904 the Glee Club participated in a ceremony welcoming the French ambassador to the United States, Jules Jusserand, to Monticello:

Another visitor of note was Jules Jusserand, the French ambassador to the United States, who was given the royal treatment at Monticello by Jefferson Levy in November 1904. Levy made a special trip from New York to open Monticello to Jusserand and his wife, who arrived at Jefferson’s mountain with members of the local Alliance Française. Levy met the group at Jefferson’s graveyard, where the ambassador placed a laurel wreath on Thomas Jefferson’s tomb as the University of Virginia Glee club sang “America.” Monticello, the Daily Progress reported on November 30, was then “thrown open and the French tricolor [waved] in the breeze from the flagpole on the mansion’s roof. The Stars and Stripes were to be seen from a staff on the lawn.” Levy then hosted a luncheon.[2]

In March 1905 the Clubs performed a concert in Baltimore which was reviewed by the Baltimore Sun,[3] and another concert in Alexandria, Virginia on March 10.[4] The Glee Club also sang at the installation ceremony of University of Virginia President Edwin A. Alderman on April 13, 1905.[5]



The following roster is taken from the 1905 Corks and Curls and a newspaper account of the Baltimore concert and may not include all participants in the season. Members marked with an asterisk are only listed in Corks and Curls

First tenors: L. G. Adams, F. D. Boyd, L. D. Cole, Thomas Randolph Turner, R.P. Hilleary*, S. Zimmer*, J.M. Stucky*

Second tenors: A. C. Randolph, J. J. Luck, LeRoy B. Giles, Samuel Saunders, W. N. Page, H.G. Lind*, J. Robertson*

Baritones: J. C. Hodges, L. R. Hampton, E. J. Griffith, F. M. Rummel, H. L. Williamson, W. W. Gaunt, F. R. Rogers, O.B. Campbell*, L.H. Hampton*, J.T. Horner*

Second basses: G. P. Edgar, George Wendling, C.S. McVeigh, J. P. Fletcher, Stanley Wimbish, W. McC. James


LeRoy B. Giles, tenor; John Jennings Luck, baritone; Pomeroy Edgar, first bass; Charles S. McVeigh, second bass



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