There was no University-wide incarnation of the Virginia Glee Club during the years 1906-1907. During this period, when the dramatic club, the Arcadians, was in ascendancy, the only glee club at the University was the Holmes Glee Club, an octet based in one of the men's residences.[1] An editorial in College Topics expressed indignation that this Glee Club performed giving the impression that they were the official, "varsity" University of Virginia Glee Club.[2]

Additionally, there was a chapel choir containing some of the same voices as had sung in the Glee Club in 1905-1906.

Chapel Choir roster[edit | edit source]

This roster is as listed in the 1907 Corks and Curls.

First Tenor: J.J. Luck, Robert Williams, F.C. Rinker, F.W. Reed

Second Tenor: Fred G. Duvall, N.R. Gray, W.B. Taylor, A.B. Morrissette, Carl Griffith, Henry Woods

First Bass: C.H. Biddle, Richard Tunstall, H.E. Batcheller

Second Bass: Carl Holliday, Abney Payne, C.J. Faulkner, W.B. McIllwaine

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