The academic year 1907-1908 appears to have been a fallow season for the Virginia Glee Club. During this season, as in Glee Club 1906-1907 season, the principal student vocal activities were carried out under the aegis of the Arcadians and the Chapel Choir; the Holmes Glee Club was not active during this year. As before, some individuals associated with the Glee Club sang in the Chapel Choir.

Chapel Choir roster Edit

This roster is as of the 1908 Corks and Curls.[1]

First tenor: John Jennings Luck, T.M. Forsyth

Second tenor: N.R. Gray, P.H. Ryan, J.B. Setzler, H.M. Page, J.B. King

First bass: R.E. Wilson, A.R. Lawton, T.J. Hobbs

Second bass: J.M. Davis, Richard Tunstall, F.H. Rogers


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