The academic year 1907-1908 appears to have been a fallow season for the Virginia Glee Club. During this season, as in Glee Club 1906-1907 season, the principal student vocal activities were carried out under the aegis of the Arcadians and the Chapel Choir; the Holmes Glee Club was not active during this year. As before, some individuals associated with the Glee Club sang in the Chapel Choir.

Chapel Choir roster[edit | edit source]

This roster is as of the 1908 Corks and Curls.[1]

First tenor: John Jennings Luck, T.M. Forsyth

Second tenor: N.R. Gray, P.H. Ryan, J.B. Setzler, H.M. Page, J.B. King

First bass: R.E. Wilson, A.R. Lawton, T.J. Hobbs

Second bass: J.M. Davis, Richard Tunstall, F.H. Rogers

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