Glee Club in the 1911 Corks and Curls

 The 1910-1911 season of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by M.S. Remsburg.[1] Officers included Malcolm W. Gannaway, president, David Lamon, vice-president, George P. Waller, secretary, John W. Hamilton, manager, and J.J. King, treasurer.[2][3][4] The group also included a small ensemble, the "Corner Quartette," including Malcolm Gannaway, George Waller, and S.P. Cowardin.[5] During the season they rehearsed in Madison Hall, the home of the Virginia Y.M.C.A..

Performances[edit | edit source]

The first performance of the reconstituted group was held over several nights in November 1910 and included traditional choral works, solos, female impersonation and blackface.[6]

Roster[edit | edit source]

This roster includes members as listed in the 1911 Corks and Curls and may not include all members of the Glee Club.

First tenors: F.W.C. Webb, S. Saunders, W. G. Sprinkel, S.F. Poindexter, Fred Rinker

Second tenors: P.R. Ashby, C.M. O'Connor, C.R. Brooks, George P. Waller, J.J. King, R.B. Saunders

Baritones: Bodley Booker, Malcolm W. Gannaway, Z.R. Lewis, W. E. Ewers, K.T.Wegner, H.R. Wilkins

Basses: F.M. Lewis, A.F. Triplet, H. Marshall, J.D.B. Barnwell, J.F. McDowall, Richard Bridges

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Glee Club in the 1911 Corks and Curls

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