Glee Club in the 1920 Corks and Curls

The 1919-1920 season of the Virginia Glee Club saw the formation of the Glee Club Jazz Orchestra. Officers included William S. Thomas, president; Robert Gilliam Butcher, vice president;[1] Bernard Peyton Chamberlain, business manager; Robert Allen Gibbons, assistant business manager; Robert Iverson Boswell, stage manager; John Hosack Koch, assistant stage manager; and Thomas Claude Durham, Jr., property manager. Kirk Payne was the director.[2] 

The Club got off to a slow start, with no director identified as of October 1919;[3] ultimately Kirk Payne directed the performances of the season. By January 1920, the Club was preparing to mount a variety performance in Lynchburg.[4] The group performed in Roanoke in February 1920.[5] In April 1920, the group took a tour through the western part of Virginia and West Virginia, including stops at Hot Springs, VA, White Sulphur Springs (the Greenbriar), Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia.[6][7]

Concerts and Tours[edit | edit source]

Roster[edit | edit source]

First tenors: B.T. Moore, H.C. Ross, Fred B. Greear, K.L. Simons, G.D. Cooper, Micah Jenkins, John Wesley Wright

Second tenors: M.H. Lynn, J.A. McAllister, Elijah Fletcher Kahle, A.N. Roberts, William Albert McGregor, A.W. Parker

First basses: Robert Allen Gibbons, William S. Thomas, Holland Evant Persinger, Jere Malcolm Harris Willis, Allison Everhart Palmer, W.M. Camp

Second basses: B. King, George Coleman Reedy, William F. Cox, Henry Jefferson Lawrence, Robert I. Boswell, H.D. Thompson

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