Group portrait of the Glee Club, 1928

The Virginia Glee Club 1928-1929 season was under the direction of Arthur Fickenscher. Officers included E. D. Brooke, president and business manager, and Henry Ayers, advertising manager.[1]

The Glee Club held a number of performances in the greater Washington area, achieving some press coverage in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Washington Evening Star, and Baltimore Sun.[2] They also appeared in a Fox Movietone newsreel performance.[3] The final concert of the season, held April 13, 1929, was a joint concert with the Harrisonburg State Teachers' College Glee Club.[4]

Roster[edit | edit source]

This roster is complete as of the 1929 Corks and Curls and may not include all who participated in the season.

First tenorsHenry Ayers, J.J. O'Donnel, Freyhan Odenheimer, H.B. Price, Jr., W.E. Lloyd, J.R. Treganza, E.A. Powell, Jr.

Second tenors: E. D. Brooke, J.L. Ellis, L.C. Mattison, Rodgers Meyer, F.E. Beachley, R.A. Newman, E.M. Struhan

First bass: E.V. Benjamin, Jr., W.D. Cabell, B.S. Davis, Gerald Flaum, J.R. Leatherbury, C.G. Harris, G.E. Fogg, G.R. McMahon, H.L. Morganroth, Harry Barsky, F.W. Smith

Second bass: F.S. Hilder, W.R. Holmes, D.R. Creecy, Jr., S.R. Tyler, Jr., Winston Phelps, J.F. Anderson, W.W. Clem, W.C. Dowden, G.A. Penick Jr., G.P. Wertenbaker, M.P. Williams

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