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The 1929-1930 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Arthur Fickenscher. Officers included James Lindell Ellis, president.[1] Plans for the season included a trip to Cuba, though it is not clear if this trip materialized.[2]



The 1930 Corks and Curls did not include a page on the Glee Club, but did call out membership in the Glee Club on individuals' listings, so this is a very incomplete list of members for the season.

Robert Warren Bentley, Foster Bernard Broadway, Gordon Edwin Fogg, Francis Farquhar Gibson, Clifford Graham Harriz, Frederick Stuart Hilder, John Raymond Leatherbury, George Robert McMahon, Rodgers Meyer, Herbert Leslie Morganroth, Freyhan Odenheimer, Giles Albert Penick, Francis Lewis Shrady, Edward Donald Tunis, Richard Newman, Frederick Edwin Beachley, Wendell Ray Holmes, John Ormond Randolph Perry


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