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The 1930-1931 season of the Virginia Glee Club is attested by a series of articles in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, describing a planned joint performance on November 24, 1930 of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera "Trial by Jury" by the Glee Club and the State Teachers College Glee Club.[1] Officers included James Lindell Ellis, president until his untimely death in an automobile accident,[2] Robert Warren Bentley, business manager, and Milton Paul William, treasurer.


The 1931 Corks and Curls did not include a page on the Glee Club, but did include membership information on the listings of individuals, so this is a very incomplete roster of the membership for that season.

James Francis Anderson, Robert Warren Bentley, Samuel Gillett Buck, Walter William Clem, William James Condon, Herman Westinghouse Fletcher, Charles W. Gasque, Alton Alexander Gulkis, Estis Vaughan Howard, Fred Fry Knobloch, Edwin Robson Nelson, Ernest Edward Northen, William Herndon Pearson, Jr., Giles Albert Penick, Elwood Alexander Powell, Frederick Robert Schwartz, Milton Paul William, Herbert Leslie Morganroth, Richard Newman, William Daniel Cabell, Randolph Perry, Samuel Howard Garst, Timothy John Nash


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