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The 1932-1933 season of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by Arthur Fickenscher.[1] Officers included Charles W. Gasque, president, and T.M. Duer, manager.[2] Performances included a concert at Fairfax Hall in Waynesboro, a tour of Virginia, and a joint program with a chorus from Sweet Briar College; a planned tour of the south was cancelled for lack of funds.[3]

A satirical review of an April concert was published in College Topics, stating "out of the odd 600 seats in Cabell Hall, this reporter could count only 595 empties" and "At the conclusion of the program, the audience surged on stage and carried away with it such souvenirs as it was able to obtain--bits of the piano, autographs of the singers, Dr. Fickenscher's baton, and finally, as has been mentioned, the Doctor himself."[4]



This roster is complete as of the Spring Concert (1933) and may not include all the participants in the season.

First tenors: Charles W. Gasque, H.W. Kuehn, E.F. McCarthy, D.R. McGoldrick, Logan Pratt, A.R. Summers, W.H. Terry, F.F. Wilshin

Second tenors: J.G. Armistead Jr., J.S. Briggs, T.M. Duer Jr., Guy Hope, O.A. Levy, C.A. McCarty, H.M. Rattle, W.E. Weber

First basses: A.B. Babb, S.H. Bank, J.R. Dekle Jr., J.H. Harris, B.W. Recknagel, W.L. Sherman, W.R. Stephenson, H.E. Stevens, E.D. Tunis

Second basses: G.E. Burnett, T.B. Crumpler, G.B. Jennings Jr., F.E. Nolting Jr., Rial Rose, M.J. Storz, McDonald Wellford


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