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1935-36 Glee Club courtesy Spec. Coll.

The 1935-1936 season of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by Harry Rogers Pratt. The season was celebrated as the Glee Club's 50th anniversary season, meaning that the group of 1935 was dating itself from 1886 (this date is not supported by current research). The season's performances included a tour to New York City and the first Concert on the Lawn.[1]

Officers during the season included Rial Rose, president; R.C.W. Jones, manager; Guy Hope, student leader (conductor); and Richard Turner, press representative. John Grier Varner was the associate leader (conductor) and Alfred Pew was the accompanist. Members of the Glee Club Quartet included Rial Rose, Winston Hope, Guy Hope, and Vincent Tramonte; as in other years, the Quartet performed independently of the Glee Club for some concerts, including a Washington, DC Alumni Association event.






This roster includes members listed in the program of the Concert at Richmond Women's Club (1936) and the 1936 Corks and Curls, and may not include all the members who participated in this season.

First Tenor: H.S. Davis, A.R. Ehrbar, C.C. Epes, Jr., J.G. Faatz, Charles W. Gasque, E.W. Gregory, R.E. Hawkins, W. Reynolds, L.T. Stableford, L.L. Sullivan, J.B. Tillison V.A. Tramonte, F. Williams

Second Tenor: F.C. Armistead, J.G. Armistead Jr., I.L. Avery, W.L. Baldwin, R.O. Deininger, J.E. Dill, H.B. Field, J. Gerber, E.F. Hershey, A.G. Hope, R.D. Pearce, Jr., C.K. Rhodes, Jr., A.C. Stever, T.J. Sullivan, A. Tramonte, J.G. Watson, L. Lee

First Bass: Robert Lee Auldridge, T.P. Cook, R.S. Copeland III, B. Diener, H.T. Egger, C.J. Faulkner, P. W. Fitzpatrick, T.S. George, J. Gerber, A.P. Gray, C.T. Hagan, W. Hope, W.W. Jones, T.J. Klinedinst, D.T. Merritt, R.S. Mickey, R.W. Murdock, W.T. Purdum, F.B. Rhein, G.B. Van Dusen, D.R. Webb

Second Bass: J.B. Bayer, W.N. Berkley, M. Couper, E.R. Dyer, Jr., Marx Eiserman, J.W. Hancock, A.E. Harvey, D.A. Jenkins, R.C.W. Jones, R.F. Loomis, R.W. Morrison, A.P. Pew, C.H. Robbins, L.P. Roper, R.N. Rose, C.M. Wade, McD. Wellford


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