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The 1936-1937 season of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by Harry Rogers Pratt. The officers were McDonald Wellford, president, Frantz Hershey, business manager, and H. L. Bailey, librarian and accompanist.[1][2]

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This is the roster as of the Easter Week Concert (1937), augmented by the membership list in Corks and Curls, and may not include all who sang in the Glee Club during the 1936-37 season.

First Tenors: B.G. Eberwein, A.R. Ehrbar, Charles W. Gasque, R.E. Hawkins, G.K. Klose, A. Peyton, W. Reynolds, L.L. Sullivan, S. Wiedmann

Second Tenors: F.C. Armistead, W.L. Baldwin, R.O. Deininger, H.B. Field, E.T. Harrison, Frantz Hershey, T. O'M. Hindman, W. Jensen, A. Luttrell, E.L. Malone, A.H. Meyer, F.P. Nichols, M.M. Ramsey, K.A. Sparrow, P.K.Sheffield, A.C. Stever

First Basses: Gerald A. Berlin, Thomas P. Bryan, H.C. Chamberlain, W.M. Cushman, M. Deekins, B. Diener, Thomas S. George, A.P. Gray, P.H. Hoge, W.W. JonesL.B. Lee, Ernest Mead, H.L. Meisel, R.S. Mickey, H.C. Mirmelstein, W.T. Purdum, D.R. Webb, C. Williams, H.B. Williams, C.J. Wright

Second Basses: S.I. Firtel, A.E. Harvey, C.F. Hawkey, R.P. Hilder, D.A. Jenkins, B. Jones, W. Kirk, H. Licklider, R.F. Loomis, M.B. Perry, R.G. Reed, C.H. Robbins, C.M. Wade, McD. Wellford

Other members who are listed as participating during this season include Kenneth Seaman Giniger.

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