Glee Club in 1942 Corks and Curls

The 1941-1942 season of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by Harry Rogers Pratt, with assistance from Randall Thompson and associate director James S. Constantine. Officers included Joe Tucker, president; Ed Berry, manager; and Phillip Marvin, librarian. Repertoire for the year included Randall Thompson's Tarantella and several Finnish folksongs.[1]

The Club's season was affected by the outbreak of World War II. Though the Club continued activities on Grounds, they cancelled out of town singing engagements owing to the shortage of tires.[2]

Performances included the premiere of Tarantella in April 1942 in Old Cabell Hall, under Thompson's direction.[3]

Roster[edit | edit source]

The following roster includes the members listed in the 1942 Corks and Curls and may not be a complete listing of all the members who participated in the season.

First tenor: Arthur Barnard, Paul Bourjaily, Randolph Brent, James Cory, Cass Gilbert, Philip Hardy, Fred C. Holler, Greenhow Johnston, John Lovell, Vernon Mattox, J. Edward Sandridge, Leslie Seward, Lawrence Snoddy, Bernard Wyckoff

Second tenor: Jesse Beeghley, Gilbert Campbell, George M. Dawes, Roger Fraley, Edward Gamble, Robert Gamble, Robert Gravette, Frank Hereford, Philip James, William Jensen, Gilbert Martin, Ridgely D. Miller, Warren Miller, Robert Nelson, Theodore Patterson, Timothy Smith, Henry P. Taylor, George Walker, Fred Williams, Stanley Wood

First bass: Edward Berry, Joseph Birdsall, Gerald Black, Chester Bolen, Ben Borden, Richard Brandt, Thomas A. Conlin, Jr., John Estes, John Gordon, Don Hoenstein, Frank Keppelmann, Philip P. Marvin, Walter Munster, Ralph E. O'Dette, Wallace Power, Robert Reese, Bart Rogers, Charles R. Scott, Albert Siewers, William Stull, Stuart Talbot, Thomas M. Thornhill, Robert Turner, E.V. Valkenburgh, Harold Wibberley, Robert Ziegler

Second bass: Albert Amsterdam, Kenneth F. Bevan, John T. Clark, Lloyd Edwards, David Gleason, William Gram, Thomas Griffis, John Hankins, Tucker Keiser, John McDonald, Warren Okkerse, Thomas Joseph O'Reilly, Carleton Penn, Edgar Roberts, Joseph Scannell, John Sharrett, Burton Sherman, Garced Sketchley, Louis Smith, Philip Talbot, DeForest Trimingham, Joseph Tucker, Daniel Wheeler, David Wilson, Frederick Wood

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