The Glee Club page in the 1944 Corks and Curls

The 1943-1944 season of the Virginia Glee Club was led by Stephen Tuttle, with Randall Thompson as accompanist. Officers were Daniel G. Wheeler, president; Ridgely D. Miller, Jr., manager; and Henry P. Taylor, librarian.

Concerts[edit | edit source]

Roster[edit | edit source]

This is the roster of men who participated in the Fall Concert (1943), Christmas Concert (1943), and Concert at Sweet Briar (1944), or were listed in the 1944 Corks and Curls, and may not include all members of the Club for this season.

Tenor I[edit | edit source]

William R. Allen, Arthur E. Barnard, Charles E. Butterworth, Jr., J.B. Davis, W.D. Davis, William EmbryW.F. Fowle, Jr., Clyde GouldL.M. Payne, J.E. Sandridge, Ned H. Wiebenga

Tenor II[edit | edit source]

James H. Bash, Walter H. Beaman, Jr., E.D. Brand, N. E. Davies, Charles E. Hamm, Fred C. Holler, A.C. Hunt, J. Fred ManneschmidtR.D. Miller, Charles M. Moon, Jr., Joseph H. Smith, H. P. Taylor, Jr., Ephraim E. Zeitz

Bass I[edit | edit source]

William H. Brown, A.J. Davis, Ernest M. Dixon, Richard B. Eisenhour, Morton Gallub, James E. McTamany, John W. McTigue, R.M. Milford, H.F. Neighbors, Jr., P.P. Scroggs, Jr., Robert Paschal Shook, Ward H. Speer, William R. SpenceColumbus Downing Tait, Stuart Talbot, C. Gooch Whitworth

Bass II[edit | edit source]

John O. Barksdale, K. F. Bevan, Lewis Bowman, Q.M. Burnett, H. Louis Chodosh, Mark W. Cowell, A.H. Crosby, R.L. Davis, J.B. Dragoo, Herschel Elliott, William C. Gibbons, Stuart B. Hanckel, John D. Kreis, W. Johnson, Owen MeredithDavid J. Nagle, Samuel P. Oast, Ralph E. O'Dette, James A. O'Lone, Daniel G. Wheeler

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