The 1944-1945 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Stephen Tuttle and accompanied by Randall Thompson. The officers were Walter H. Beaman, Jr., president, Ralph E. O'Dette, manager, Stuart B. Hanckel, librarian, and Lewis Bowman, V-12 manager; in the spring, the manager was Charles E. Hamm and the librarian was Stephen N. Root.

Concerts[edit | edit source]

Roster[edit | edit source]

This roster was drawn from the programs for the Fall Concert (1944), Spring Concert (1945), and a College Topics article about the 1944 Christmas concert and may not represent all the 1944-1945 season participants.[1] Some sources do not specify whether members sang first or second within their voice part; these members are listed as "other."

First Tenors: Wilson F. Fowle, Jr., Charles Goodrich, Charles E. Hamm, Lester F. Simmons, Harold Yarbro

Second Tenors: Gordon Able, Walter H. Beaman, Jr., Tread Covington, Jr., Charles Crowder, Charles Wilson Gordon

Other tenors: Ted Butterworth, Henry Farmer, John J. Forst, William H. Hale, George Hopper, Charles Moon, Jr., Charles Moore, George L. Moore, Bill Reisinger,

First Basses: Jon Barker, John O. Barksdale, John J. Barry, Morton Gallub, Joseph E. Godridge, Richard B. Isenhour, Louis Shell, Robert F. Whitmore

Second Basses: Lewis Bowman, Mark W. Cowell, Robert L. Davis, Clyde Gould, Stuart B. Hanckel, Ira C. Liebrand, Ralph E. O'Dette, Stephen N. Root, Charles Russell

Other basses: Robert W. Ayers, John Carr, Phil Caruso, R. Thomas Cauthorne, Bill Duke, Allan Gianniny, Edwin Guernsey, Bill Hale, William D. Hart, Richard S. Kephart, Robert Magill, Jim Mallory, Malcolm S. McKenney, John W. McTigue, Jack B. Phillips, George F. Rykman, Nick Shively, John R. Schultz, K.E. Smallridge, David Turner, Allan M. Unger

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