The 1972-1973 season of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by Donald Loach. The officers included Stephen C. Yowell, president; W. Steven Martin, business manager; Norman Warren, assistant business manager; and James Richardson, librarian.

Roster[edit | edit source]

This roster is as of the Openings Concert (1972) and may not include all who participated in the season.

Tenor I: Harold Bayar, Louis Burkot, Nicholas Cooke, John Flack, David Foster, Mark Freese, Gary Copenhaver, Magruder Dent, Robert Hagen, William Hinkle, Gregory Molner, Jonathan M. Jay, Paul Pope, Jeffrey Lynn Reider, Gary Rosenzweig

Tenor II: Gary Aichele, Douglas Bennett, William Bowron, Allen Fitzpatrick, Patrick Garner, Harold Goodman, Michael Caddell, Thomas Kern, Carroll Kinsey, Mark Lawson, E. Alexander Silver, Norman Warren

High Baritone: Carter Bryan, Charles Burch, Peter Clarke, Kirk Cordell, Claudie E. Denton, Charles Dixon, Croxton Gordon, Christian Gordon, Ellis Hilton, Joseph Hogan, William Jeschke, Stephen Kain, Robert Lyon, Steven Martin, Douglas McCallum, Duncan McCrea, Kim Shelton, William Thompson, Richard Viohl, Stephen Yowell

Low Baritone: William Bayliss, David Fredenburg, Jack Gerard, Steven Gifford, Charles Haskins, David Lingerfelt, James McLendon, Mark Powers

Bass: James T. Babb, R. Laird Boles, Wayne G. Coates, Derek Dutcher, Stephen Ledford, Daniel Listrom, William Mulherin, James Niederberger, Frank Poole, James Recktenwald, James Richardson, David Schumaker, Steven Smith, Lloyd F. Stamy, Jr., Charles Surber, Christopher Wronsky

Also performing during this season, according to the 1973 Corks and Curls, were Paul N. Evans, James A. Kruchko and Fred B. Stillman.

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