The 1979-1980 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Donald Loach. Officers included Matthew Koch, president, Thomas Darbyshire and later Peter Hackes, vice-president, Charles Kipps Purcell, secretary, Thomas Potter, business manager, Jeffrey Browning, tour manager, Lawrence Lavin, stage manager, and Stephen Read, librarian.

Concerts[edit | edit source]

Roster[edit | edit source]

This roster is as of the Concert at Goucher (1979) and the Spring Concert (1980), and therefore may not include all members who participated in the season.

Tenor I: Jorge Amador, James Barden, Ronald Campbell, James Fotter, Brian Higgins, Matthew Freeman, Charles Kipps Purcell, Russell Speidel, Mark Talley, John Voelker, Peter Williams, Robert Worst

Tenor II: Jonathan Davies, John Fargo, David Freneaux, Donald Grasberger, Chris Halstead, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hulett, Chris Lahr, Lawrence M. Lavin, Forrest Rea Marshall, III, David Meiselman

Baritones: Jeffrey Browning, Thomas Darbyshire, Elliot Freier, Matthew Koch, Skip Lewis, Rafe Madan, Thomas Potter, Leigh M. Smith, Thomas Sutton, Robert Wagner, Matthew Warren, Steven Willner, Mark Wright

Basses: Gerald Archer, Matthew Brown, Jay Gibbs, Richard Goldberg, Richard Habel, Peter Hackes, Steven James, Michael Julius, Mark Kupke, John Lamb, Peter Lawthers, Scott Myhre, Stephen Read

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