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The 1985-1986 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Donald Loach. Officers included Thad Polk, president,[1] Mark Boodée, vice president, Vertram Darrell Dabney, business manager, Charles P. Wise, Jr., secretary, Andrew Kopser, librarian, Marshall Ginn, tour manager, Wade Wilson, stage manager, and Stephen Harrison, foreign tour manager. The season was to have included an overseas tour to West Germany, Holland, Austria, and Switzerland with the University Singers, but the students voted to cancel the tour after numerous incidents of international terrorism in the wake of Ronald Reagan's bombing of Libya.[2]




This roster is as of the Finals Concert (1986) and may not include all participants in the season.

Tenor 1: Ellis Butler, Michael Butterman, Dennis Dannel, Marshall Ginn, Michael Hayes, Thomas Leckey, John Perry, Jeff Rogers, Nicholas Vlissides

Tenor II: Mark Bateman, Mark Boodée, Joseph Costa, Laurence Greenberg, Stephen Harrison, Bruce Kothmann, Brady Lum, Keith Perry, Thad Polk, Timothy Polk, Lewis Smith, Charles P. Wise, Jr.

Baritone: Dyron Dabney, Vertram Darrell Dabney, Jeffrey Davis, James Gibson, Michael Hirsch, Andrew Kopser, Rafael Madan, Larry Mueller, Parker Meyers, Edward Smith, Andrew Wilder, Neal Young

Bass: David Breen, Scott Butler, Darryl Churchill, Seung Jo Han, Fielding Johnson, Daniel Kothmann, Thomas Larus, Bradley Marino, Ernest Mathews, Gilbert Pearman, Mark Salyer, Todd Takken, Wade Wilson



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