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Certificate of recognition for the 1990 Glee Club by Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder

The 1990-1991 season of the Virginia Glee Club was the 120th anniversary season, and featured the 50th Annual Christmas Concert. Michael Butterman was the conductor. Officers included Stephen Sweeney, president; Poulson Reed, vice-president; Christopher Corr, business manager; and Matthew Benko, secretary.

Then-Governor L. Douglas Wilder issued a certificate of recognition for the Glee Club during this year that read:

WHEREAS, the Virginia Glee Club of the University of Virginia is proud to host its 50th annual Christmas Concerts on December 7 and December 8, 1990; and

WHEREAS, 1990 marks the 120th season of concert performance by the Virginia Glee Club at the University of Virginia; and

WHEREAS, the music and talents of the Virginia Glee Club inspire those who attend the concerts; and

WHEREAS, the songs and melodies sung by the Virginia Glee Club express the magic of the holidays and carry the message of joy to the world;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Lawrence Douglas Wilder, Governor, do hereby recognize the VIRGINIA GLEE CLUB, congratulate the members who are dedicated to the traditions celebrated during this 120th season, and send to each my very best wishes for a memorable 50th Christmas Concert series.

The certificate now hangs in the living room of the Glee Club House.




This season roster includes members who performed in the 50th Annual Christmas Concert and may not include all members who participated in the season.

Tenor I: Ruben Basantes, Cleve Bosher, Mike Braun, Jason Dandridge, David Fouché, D.R. Tyler Magill, William Nichols, John Park, Paul Stancil, Todd Stone, John Vick, Donald C. Webb, Paul Wolfe

Tenor II: Kevin Dixon, Chris Doyle, Dean Goodwin, Andrew Heffernan, Archie Jao, Tim Jarrett, John Lin, Michael McCullough, Poulson Reed, Brogan Sullivan, Stephen Sweeney, Aven Tsai, Andrew Wilder, Rob Wise

Baritone: Mike Armstrong, Matt Benko, Christopher Corr, Sean Drumheller, Mitch Harris, John-Paul La Fleur, Burt Kann, Nathan Moore, Guido Peñaranda, Christopher Strain, Daniel Weigand, Jon Wiening

Bass: Curt Alt, Chris Anderson, Scott Barker, Chris Foster, Kai Groennings, Jim Heaney, Todd Rich, Christopher Walker, Jim Wiser


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