The 1999-2000 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Bruce Tammen. Officers included Brad Dakake, president; Chris DiBiagio-Wood, vice-president; Rudy Morgan, publicity manager; Derek Woodley, business manager; and Andy Burdick, secretary.

Highlights of the season included the Tour de France.

Concerts Edit

Roster Edit

This roster is drawn from the rosters that participated in the Finals Concert (2000) and the Tour de France and may not include all members who participated in the season.

First tenor: Jason Baker, Aaron Bartley, Andrew Garibaldi, Karl Lugo, Tariq Moustapha, Willis Shawver, Bert Steindorff, David Witkowski, Carter Wood

Second tenor: Adam Bronstein, Warren Ellsworth, D.J. Gregory, Adam Hatcher, Stephen Liang, Jared Q. Libet, Tien-I Peng, Robert Rhodes, Norman Smith, Derek Woodley

Baritone: William Bennett, Nathan Brown, Eric Buechner, Thomas Deal, Chris DiBiagio-Wood, Robbie Dillon, Elliott Garber, Austin Graham, David Lattimore, Hall McGee, Walker Muncy, Justin Rousseau, Andrew Snyder, Blaise Warren, Luke Wiseman

Bass: Andrew Burdick, Bradley Dakake, Andrew Goldman, Benjamin Grosz, Mitchell Maddox, Kapil Malshet, Warren Miller, Rudy Morgan, Neil Nagraj, Seth Wispelwey, Thomas Yang

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