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The 2009-2010 season of the Virginia Glee Club was the sixth season for conductor Frank Albinder. The highlights of the season was the 2010 Tour of the Northeast, in which the Glee Club took the Songs of Virginia program on tour through the Northeast, Virginia, and to Michigan, and the release of the Glee Club's first recordings in over five years: Songs of Virginia, Virginia Glee Club Live!, and Christmas with the Virginia Glee Club: 2004-2008 Highlights.

The officers for 2009-2010 were Jeff McKenzie, president; Steven Kern, vice-president; Jimmy Ko, business manager; David Crouch, publicity manager; and Kevin Brown, secretary.

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Roster[edit | edit source]

Tenor I: Jacob Friedmann, Franklin Geho, T.J. Henderson, Alec Kast, Jeff McKenzie, Thomas Tuen Muk, George Wu

Tenor II: Mike Belote, David Crouch, Daniel Hine, Daniel Eichelberger, Jonah Lampkin, Kevin Lewis, Varun Srirangarajan

Bass I: Erik Arvidson, Kevin Brown, Wo Chan, Michael Heiligenstein, Prakash Jayanthi, Steven Kern, Jimmy Ko, Patrick LeDuc, David Leon, Yojiro Murai, Christoph Wilhelm

Bass II: Frank Block, Jr., Frank Block III, Richard Block, Daniel Brown, Greg Chafuen, Michael Chen, Ynigo Coronacion, Ben Gonzalez, Thomas Hale-Kupiec, Jamar Nixo, Keith Thomas

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