January 2012 auditions poster

The Glee Club 2011-2012 season was conducted by Frank Albinder. Officers included Jacob Friedmann, president; Todd Chatlos, vice-president; George Wu, business manager; Kevin Lewis, publicity manager; and Aki Ko, secretary.

Concerts[edit | edit source]

Roster[edit | edit source]

Tenor I[edit | edit source]

Richard Becker, Jacob Friedmann, TJ Henderson, George Wu, Alex Zorychta, Conor Sheehey, Chun-Ju Lai, John Xia, Max Craft, Daniel Hine

Tenor II[edit | edit source]

Mike Belote, Max Craft, Dan Culbertson, Eric Grube, Ryan Hoak, Kevin Lewis, Wilson Pillow, Jordan Stillman, Christopher Wong, John Xia

Baritone[edit | edit source]

Matthew Bond, Alex Bryant, Connor Campbell, Todd Chatlos, Drew D'Amato, Bill Fuchs, Jonathan Garber, CJ Kling, Aki Ko, Kevin Lambert, Patrick LeDuc, Tong Niu, Ameer Pretty, Kevin Willcox

Bass[edit | edit source]

Forrest Brown, David Chang, Jerry Chen, Michael Chen, Ben Gonzalez, Justin Lee, Matthew Harris, Mark McDonnell, Chuck Moran, Jamar Nixon, Zachary Seid, William Talbot, Pierce Tickle, Michael Ziegler

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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