The Virginia Glee Club 2015-2016 season was conducted by Frank Albinder. Officers included Andrew D’Amato, president; Kevin Chen, vice-president; Will Wheaton, business manager; Jacob Higgins, secretary; and Andrew Burrill, publicity manager.

The season included the 145th Anniversary of the Virginia Glee Club and the Glee Club's first international tour since the Tour de France in 2000.

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Roster[edit | edit source]

This roster includes members who participated in both the fall and spring semesters of the 2015-2016 season, including members that may have dropped out of Glee Club before the season ended.

Tenor 1: Jay Jarrahi, Tass Lai, Eric Liu, Nick Lytle, Joe Marchese-Schmidt, Andrew Morton, Andrew Orvedahl, Paul Redling, Eric Weitzner, John Xia

Tenor 2: Miguel Alt, Andrew Burrill, Ian Coombs, John Costello, Charles Hancock, Jacob Higgins, Daniel Hine, Ryan Koontz, Mel Lopez, Drew Lytle, Jacob McLaughlin, Luke Merrick, Chris Morton, Rice Tyler, Ben Warrick, Will Wheaton

Baritone: Aaqil Abdullah, Perrin Arnold, Drew D’Amato, Adrian Dan, Matt Doyle, Alden Duquette, Max Freedman, Cameron Goss, Brian Henriquez, Tong Kang, Edwin Kimko, Mike Muldoon, Michael Mullins, Jonathan Park, Will Rainey, Matt Slomka, Jimmy Wang, Joey Zheng

Bass: Kevin Chen, Daniel DeBord, Will DeBord, Joey Hamilton, Artemie Jurgenson, Matt Korbon, Christian Osborn, Antonio Stoakley, Jay Windsor, Tony Zeto

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