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The 2019-2020 season of the Virginia Glee Club is conducted by Frank Albinder. Officers include Denny Jeong, president; Tom Shaw, vice president; Matthew McDonnell, secretary; Martin Moro, business manager; and Nathaniel Coombs, publicity director.

On March 12, the University of Virginia announced that all classes would move to online only, and all gatherings on Grounds would be cancelled, as a response to the spread of the novel coronavirus, forcing a postponement or cancellation of the rest of the season's concerts.[1]

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Tenor 1: Nathan JohnsonTravis LivelyCallen ToscanoXuemeng “John” Xia

Tenor 2Walter Buzzini VDaniel HineNoah McIntireDavid OrvedahlRice TylerJames Wilusz

BaritoneAlex Boland, John CastilloNathaniel CoombsJon CottrellJoseph Franco, Marvin HicksJohn PerezKeith Yacko

BassChris HallDenny Jeong, Damian JessupZach LingleMatthew McDonnellMartin MoroTom ShawLuke Waddell

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