Herbert Old (October 14, 1871 in Norfolk, Virginia – May 24, 1957)[1][2] was vice-president of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1894-1895 season; he was also a member during the 1891-1892, 1892-1893, and 1893-1894 seasons. While at the University of Virginia he was a medical student and a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pi Mu, Eli Banana, and the Z Society.[3]

Following graduation from the University, he interned at the City Hospital of New York, the Lying-In Hospital of New York, and the Foundling Hospital, and then went into private practice in Norfolk, VA.[1] He was appointed to the Virginia State Board of Medical Examiners in 1914.[4] He also served in World War I, holding the rank of Major in the American Expeditionary Forces.[2]

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