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Hike, Virginia, printed in the 1911 football song book

"Hike, Virginia" is a football song credited to C.S. McVeigh (class of 1907), Lewis D. Crenshaw (class of 1908), and sometimes to Williamson, and frequently performed by the Virginia Glee Club. The words were set to the tune of the "Hot Feet Song," the song of the Hot Feet secret society (later the IMP Society). The date of the song is sometime between 1904 and 1906, when Songs of the University of Virginia was published.[1]

"Hike, Virginia" began to be part of the regular Virginia Glee Club repertoire in the early 1950s, and has been recorded on Songs of the University of Virginia and Songs of Virginia.

Air and Lyrics[]

The "Hot Feet Song" is credited as the song for "Hike, Virginia" in both Songs and in a 1911 football song book. Of the "Hot Feet Song," the 1906 edition of Jefferson, Cabell, and the University of Virginia states "[the Hot Feet Song] has carried [the society]'s fame and reputation far and wide. It is the composition of one of its founders, set to parts of a well-known light opera, and is the best marching-tune in college."[2]

The name of the rival in the song may be substituted for whomever is the foe in the current game. Songs of the University of Virginia has alternate lyrics that substitute "The Tar Heels" and render the chorus as "So hike, Virginia, hike along, boys,/Carolina's not so strong, boys,/Break the line/of Turpentine,/We're the team from old Virginia."[1]

Verse 1
We're down from V-a. to win today;
Virginia, Virginia, the Orange and the Blue.
We're going to show old Georgetown how to play;
Virginia, Virgnia, rip 'em through and through.
We'll gain ten yards at every single down.
Hear the rooters' cheers resound
From the bleachers all around.
Hike, hike, hike, for Virginia's gaining ground.
Virginia, Virginia, the Champions of the South.
So hike, Virginia, hike along, boys,
Georgetown's line is not so strong, boys,
Smash your way
Through Blue and Gray;
We're the team from old Virginia.
So hike, Virginia; hike, Virginia,
Hike, Virginia; hike, Virginia;
Hike, hike, hike, hike, hike.
Verse 2
Hear the referee call, "Virginia's ball."
Virginia, Virginia, the Orange and the Blue,
Old Georgetown's line can't hold at all.
Virginia, Virginia, rip 'em through and through.
The Orange and Blue will down their foes of old,
Though they strive with heart and soul
They can never gain the goal.
Hike, hike, hike, for old Georgetown's on the roll.
Virginia, Virginia, the Champions of the South.