John Edgar Park is a technical director in computer animation, author, and host of Make: television.

Park received a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from the University of Virginia in 1994,[1] where he was a founding member of The New Dominions and sang in the Virginia Glee Club. He has worked as a computer graphics trainer at Sony Imageworks, and as a character technical director at Walt Disney Animation Studios and at DisneyToon Studios, where he currently works. At Disney, he has worked as a character rigger on Meet the Robinsons and Bolt.[2]

Park's book, Understanding 3D Animation Using Maya, was written based on his experience teaching Maya at Sony Imageworks during the production of Spider-Man 2, The Polar Express, Matrix Reloaded, and Matrix Revolutions.[3]

Park has been a contributor to Make (magazine) since September 2007[4] and to the Make blog since November 2008.[5] In January 2009, Park became host of the public television series Make: television,[6] where his segment, "Maker Workshop," demonstrates how to create and build such projects as a VCR powered cat feeder, Wii-powered personal flight recorder, portable trebuchet, and a shopping cart chair.[7]

Park has appeared on the television programs The Screen Savers[8] and Attack of the Show![9][10] on the G4 network.



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